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Defensive Handgun/Long gun Training Association

DeHLTA Creed

"We believe in the right of EVERY individual to defend themselves against any enemy and have pledged to
pass on our knowledge to all who wish to learn and practice self defense, defense of the helpless, defense of
country and fellow mankind, irrespective of race, creed, color, sexual preference, age, beliefs, occupation,
handicap or disability. We will pass on our knowledge to any upstanding citizen regardless of abilities or
handicap and will work with those who have individual physical handicaps to the extent that we can and will
concentrate on and build strengths such individuals may have."


Who we are:

An association of firearms' competitors and instructors who work with other shooters and non-shooters to train others in competitive shooting skills as well as self-defense techniques.

Founded in Colorado, DeHLTA offers classes in Concealed Carry, Tactical Firearms usage, Security Officer Training as well as offering proficiency courses for those with concealed carry permits.

For anyone who carries a firearm, whether it is for competitive sport shooting or self-defense, proper training is essential.

For those who are looking to carry for self-defense purposes - Proper training will help reduce your criminal and civil liabilities if you are ever involved in a situation where you are forced to use your weapon.

The legalities of when you are justified in using a firearm in defense of yourself or others should be something every firearms' owner knows and stays up to date on.

Some of the classes we offer include:

Basic Firearms Familiarization
Colorado Concealed Carry
Firearms Safety
Tactical Training
To Contact us:


Phone: 719-660-9019
(leave message if no answer)
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