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Defensive Handgun/Long gun Training Association

Classroom Classes


Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit


This is a 4-5 hour classroom only course.

This class starts with a review of Firearms and basic marksmanship fundamentals. It provides the student with an understanding of safety as it relates to concealed carry, and the advantages and disadvantages of several different types of concealment holsters. We also cover basic concealed carry tactics with definitions of cover and concealment as well as how to use each. Also covered is the use of handheld flashlights and weapon mounted flashlights.

You will also be given information on the dynamics of violence and how to recognize when you are being set up. We will discuss the difference in Social and Asocial violence with a focus on violence avoidance.

Approximately half of the time is dedicated to the applicable Colorado Revised Statutes as they apply to the carry of a concealed handgun and the legal Use of Force. Also covered are how to handle traffic stops, contact with law enforcement and post lethal force incidents to limit your civil and criminal liability.

This course does not include firing range time, but does exceed the state standards to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit.


In Home Firearms Safety Course / Evaluation

$25.00 / hour

One of the most dangerous things involving firearms is for them to be in the hands of someone with no training - particularly if they have received no safety training. Because firearms safety is so important, we also recommend that every member of your family know you have a weapon in the house and know and understand the basics of firearms safety and what to do if they need to handle your weapon for any reason - even just to pick it up and move it.

We will come to your home and sit down with your family and explain the basics of firearms safety as well as help you to choose the best means of safe storage for your weapon.

Typical class time - 2-6 hours.

Travel charges may be applied if you are outside of the Colorado Springs area.
Please call or email to schedule a class and discuss any travel concerns.


Surviving Violence: The Study of the Dynamics of Violence

This 6 hour course introduces you to the study of human violence and the pre-attack indicators that are normally present before a violent encounter. 


Learning to recognizing pre-attack behavior allows you to be prepared for or avoid a violent encounter. 


Topics include:


Types of violence

Stages of violent crime

Techniques designed to avoid violent encounters. 

Strategies to deal with the aftermath of a violent encounter. 


We will cover various use of force models that can help you explain why you did what you did. This also covers talking to Law Enforcement after a violent encounter with methods to avoid the commen errors that cause victims problems.

Our next class will be on May 11th

from 9:30 am to 4:30pm at :
Kinney County Public Library
Fritter Room
Price will be $49.95 / person


Registration is now closed - please call 719-660-9019 if you would like to still get in on the class.


Range Classes


Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit - Range Class


This course is designed for the person who needs more in the way of range time and is confident they can do the classroom portion on their own. The course consists of the student reading the Colorado Concealed Handgun book before their scheduled range day - then a 1 hour review with a question and answer session at the range before we begin shooting. After the review and Q & A the student will have 4 to 6 hours on the range.

The class starts with some homework. Approximately two weeks before the class, students will be given the CHP handbook to read. During the first hour of class safety is covered and any questions the student may have from reading the book are covered. The next 4 to 6 hours are used for building a suitable skill level with a handgun.

Shooting will consist of marksmanship drills, weapon's handling drills covering immediate and remedial action drills, administrative, combat and tactical reloads.

Students will need a suitable safe carry handgun, a concealment holster, at least 1 magazine or speed loader and 200 rounds of ammunition.

This course meets and exceeds the state standard for training to obtain a Colorado Concealed Hand Gun Permit.  


Basic Handgun Workshop - Range Class


A 4 hour handgun workshop (skill builder).

During this workshop you will build marksmanship and gun handling skills. Drills are designed to reinforce basic marksmanship fundamentals. You will also improve your gun handling skills, including: Basic Draw, Draws from Concealment, Immediate Action, Reloads (Tactical and Combat). You will also receive an introduction to shooting on the move.

In addition to your weapon - you will need: a safe and appropriate handgun holster, 1 or 2 reloading devices for your weapon (magazine, speed loader,etc) and 300 rounds of ammo.


Scenario Based Handgun Workshop - Range Class


A 4 hour scenario based handgun workshop.

This is the next step, giving the student the opportunity to build the skill necessary to win a lethal force encounter. The program combines basic marksmanship and movement int a scenario based program. Students will move through a live fire scenario with photo realistic shoot/don't shoot targets. Cover and concealment will be emphasized - both for the protection of the shooter and in evaluating the target.

After completing the scenario the student will receive feedback from the instructor as to their tactics and use of available tools. Students will also be asked to explain the reasons for each round fired - just as they would after a lethal force encounter.

Students will be pushed to improve their marksmanship under stress.

Depending on the scenario - there will also be moving targets; giving the student a introduction to the dynamics of a gun fight.

In addition to your weapon  - you will need: a safe and appropriate handgun holster, 1 or 2 reloading devices for your weapon (magazine, speed loader,etc) and 300 rounds of ammo.


Basic Shotgun Workshop - Range Class


A 4 hour shotgun workshop.

Learn to use pump, semi-auto and break action shotguns.  

Learn the effects of different ammo on common building materials.

Learn the techniques taught to Law Enforcement and Military for the use of shotguns in defensive situations.

Requirements: Defensive Shotgun with 150 rounds #6 birdshot (or smaller), 10 00 buck, and 5 slug.


Basic Rifle Workshop - Range Class


A 6 hour rifle workshop based on the AR platform (AK and other platforms can be used)

Learn how to employ a defensive carbine in a civilian environment.  

Learn basic information on the ballistic performance of common defense rifle ammo.

Shooting positions: Standing, Kneeling, Prone and Barricade positions.

Weapons handling including loading, unloading, immediate action, and remedial actions.

Introduction to movement with a rifle.


Proficiency Course and HR218 Qual

$50.00 / weapon

In order to help reduce your civil and criminal liabilities if you are ever involved in a situation where you have to use your weapon in defense of yourself or others, DeHLTA recommends you routinely practice and seek proficiency certification.

Our proficiency course is based on the course developed by Colorado Peace Officer's Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) for retired police officers and qualifies for your national Concealed Carry for Retired Law Enforcement permit (HR218).

In addition to your certificate showing your proficiency score we also maintain a record of the dates, score and weapon you shot the course with.

Typical time on range: 1-2 hours.


Reality Based Training (RBT)


This provides the student with an experience where they will be evaluating a scenario based on what they see and are told.

The class begins with a classroom discussion on the 5 stages of violent crime and pre-attack indicators.

The student will be given a scenario where they will make split second decisions on the when and how much force to use.

Students will be placed into scenarios using “Air Soft” weapons or other nonlethal props to increase the reality of the scenario. Students may be ‘shot’ or touched during training to increase the stress and add to the reality of the scenario.

The student will be given feedback on their performance with focus on survival and legal justifications.


Basic Firearms Familiarization / Gun Selection  


This is primarily a classroom course designed for those who wish to become more familiar with firearms terminology. We discuss the basics of firearms usage, safety, different types of modern firearms as well as some of the common mistakes seen in the media and writing - the difference between a clip and a magazine for example.

This course can be customized to the particular needs of your group. Such as selection of a firearm for concealed carry.

For those who want a more hands-on experience, we also offer range time separately.

Typical class time: 4-6 hours // Includes limited ammunition.


Other Classes


One-On-One or Small Group Training

$35.00 / student per hour

If you need specialized training, we can work with you to build a training program designed to meet your needs.

Contact us regarding the type of training you are looking for.  

Minimum charge is 2 hours.


Schedule a Class


If you are wanting to schedule a class that does not currently have a scheduled date - please click on Contact Us to Schedule a Class.

We will contact to discuss the particulars and to schedule a date. Once that is done we do ask that you please come back and make a $50.00 deposit on the class to lock it in - the remainder can either be invoiced or paid at the class.

This is a non-refundable deposit - however, we do understand that life can interfere (COVID, other unforeseen issues). In that case the deposit can be rolled over to another class.

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